I look for God in the bushes (burning or otherwise), in books, zombie tv, conversations over waffle fries, and in gluten-free communion bread.
I believe sometimes the unseen can be seen. When I catch a glimpse I take notes.
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I See God In...

My name’s Jennifer Gerhardt. I’m a God Scout. 

I live in Round Rock, TX (just north of Austin) with my husband and favorite person, Justin Gerhardt, preaching minister at Round Rock Church of Christ. We have two precocious, preschool-aged daughters. We like to hike and swim and read good books in the sunshine.

In the past I’ve worked as a journalist and lecturer in college English. 

I started writing when I found my grandmother’s typewriter in second grade.  I’ve been speaking to women about God for thirteen years.

My skills include reading Dostoyevsky on the elliptical machine at the gym, writing long account numbers on my personal checks without looking, and orchestrating preschool dance parties.

In the instance of a zombie apocalypse you’d find me in the woods, sleeping in a pup tent beside a creek wielding a bow and arrow fashioned from a cedar sapling. That is assuming I learn how to fashion a bow and arrow between now and then and assuming you can make them from cedar, the first alliterative tree to pop in my head. All of this is, of course, dependent on the onset of a zombie apocalypse.