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I look for God in the bushes (burning or otherwise), in books, zombie tv, conversations over waffle fries, and in gluten-free communion bread.
I believe sometimes the unseen can be seen, and when I catch a glimpse I take notes.
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I See God In...

If you’re interested in having me speak at your retreat or event email me at jlgerhardt@yahoo.com.

Topics I can’t stop talking about include:

  • God Scouting 101 {Lessons from the Field}
  • Living in Love With God {Practical Steps to a Deeper, Truer Love}
  • Prime {A Case for Taking God on His Own Irreducible Terms}
  • Hurting My Pride {Exercises in Humility}
  • Live {A Better Way to Worship}
  • How to Be Free {Practical Wisdom from Exodus}
  • Out of the Heart {Modesty As It Was Always Intended}

Obviously I’m a fan of subtitles.

I’d be happy to pass on references should you want them.